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Datapath for the KYOCERA

Specialising in electronics specifically for inkjet

A new generation of printhead drive electronics offering higher system performance, greater flexibility and ease of integration at a lower cost point.

Utilising the latest available 28nm silicon  the Digital Direct Inksteam data card offers performance and data throughput far greater than the fastest printhead available today. This product architecture offers an expandable platform that can adapt to new printhead technology as it becomes available.

No data distribution board is required; plug the inkstream™ data card directly into your Ethernet hub and start printing.

Data distribution is handled by a standard of the shelf ethernet switch enabling a scalable solution for systems driving from 1 to hundreds of printheads.

Data transfer is handled by industry standard tcp/ip protocol with each head card have a standard gigabit ethernet port.

Each Inkstream card offers 1 GByte of DDR3 memory enabling buffering or streaming of image data.


DDR3 SDRAM architecture

  • Lower power consumption (1.5V vs. 1.8V I/O and power supply)
  • Improved I/O signaling for better signal integrity

Increased data rates for higher system performance

Specification subject to change