Where to start

Knowing where to start. Most  printer manufactures are experts in their field, they have many years deep technical expertise and a though understanding of their market. Some have been producing printers for many years, some are introducing printers for the first time.

Inkjet is a team event, and requires a very diverse team. Application knowledge and imagination drives the product requirement whilst the chemists, software engineers and material scientists join with the mechanical engineers to make it happen. We'll work with your team to help develop the requirement spec for the electronics and software and will then deliver according to this specification.

In addition to datapath solutions, Digital Direct can offer consultancy services advising on test methodology to identify print artefacts and possible paths to resolution. 

Components and layers in the Datapath.

Hardware: The physical hardware. Analog and digital electronics. Whether of the shelf components like network switch or pc's or custom build pcb's. Component selection through to system integration presents may options.

Software: The code making it all happen: Almost all electronics today requires some code to make it work, understanding the software stack from selection of development tools through to the operating system and HDL.